Saturday, 22 February 2014

Blown away in Bordeaux

Just back from 9 days in South-West France with Jonathan Chritchley on an Ocean Capture workshop and tour.
We didn't quite get blown away near Biarritz, but almost - perhaps to be expected on the Atlantic Coast in February.
The idea was to try some long exposures, concentrate on Black & White, and get some hints from Jonathan on his mastery of minimalist ocean pictures.
We were experimenting with exposures into the minutes, to get an atmospheric silky water look sometimes, or a hint of stormy seas without freezing the moment at others.
Subject matter tends to be something sticking out of the water, whether it be a jetty or the carrelet fishing huts which pepper the coast down there.
Do the long exposures give an unrealistic and artificial image that is unrepresentative and unnatural, or an artistic vision and atmosphere that transforms the everyday to a different level? See the image below or in Recent Images or France on and let me know what you think.

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