Wednesday, 8 October 2014


Not so much wading out in the field, but through the 10,000 images from Alaska and British Columbia.
Some wildlife photographers opt for a policy of shooting on continuous by default, so even static subjects get 8 or 10 shots exactly the same (especially with a Canon 1D-X) with the lightest of shutter presses. For post-processing they quickly flit through and pick out the stand-out shots, and delete the rest. If that works for you then fine. Not for me though! I can't pick out subtle variations in shots flitting through them at speed, so I prefer to shoot carefully, and choose carefully afterwards. But I've still got 10,000 images to sort through from 6 weeks in the American North West! So it's taking a while. We were so lucky with breaching whales, that there are probably hundreds of decent shots, so selection is tricky!
At least I've got the first batch up on the website, so hope you like them. Here's one of the rejects: